Alterations & Repairs

We offer a first class tailoring alteration and repairs service, undertaking a wide range of work, from the simplest to the more complex. We have the different levels of skills to provide you with an efficient and cost effective alteration at a high standard of finish.

We will take care of your garment and will ensure that the work is performed to the highest standards. You will not notice that the garment has been altered.

Whether you have recently bought a suit off the peg that does not fit quite well or you have lost or put on weight and would like a more perfect fit in your clothing, we can help you to transform it into a great garment, tailored for you.

Examples of alterations services are as follows:

  • Jacket/Coat/Suit tailoring alterations and relining
  • Dress restyling
  • Wedding dress alterations
  • Garment hemming/ original hemming and false hemming
  • Zip repairs and replacements in all type of garments including leather jackets, handbags and bags
  • Leather/Suede alterations and repairs (including motorbike trousers and jackets for zip replacements)
  • Jeans alterations (skinny legs, patches and keep original hemming)
  • Curtain services (we can alter your old curtains to fit your new home)

Feel free to call to talk through what you need, or you can use our booking form to give us more detail about your requirements.

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